Mutual Movement

Mutual Movement8/12/13

We danced so closely with death that all movement ceased.

Though sun and moon warmed and cooled the earth, it stopped turning entirely and threw us forward with such force.  In such a strange way, we were forever connected.

Together we fell through space and time in search of solid ground; but I discovered only air, with a few occasional sharp objects and you have clung to your pain so tightly that I can’t tell where it ends and you begin.


I need you to remember our connection.  I need you to wake up.

I need you to move so that I can figure out how to move with you.

(I need you to dance.)


I don’t know how to watch you disappear into it, like a warm blanket of nails pulled over your head and covering your whole face.  I know I can’t talk you out of your decision to disregard your wounds, but I also know what happens if they are left untreated.  Then, I think it must be difficult for you to be around me too.

It will be strange and difficult at first, to tear yourself free.  You will have to investigate ways to loosen your grip and then, you will be left a sticky mess but you will be able to move again.

And then oh, what a beautiful thing it will be to watch you move forward with the grace of a child and the wisdom of a renegade.  Together we will stretch and leap through air, discovering sharp objects and sun and moon.  I can see it so clearly…

but until you chose to move, I must remain an occasional spectator.

Until you wake up and find me to be a suitable dance partner again.


~ by lindseywhitemusic on May 7, 2014.

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