A new “zen-finding” song, released this week on the official Facebook page… I give you, “Leave”.

Recorded at my home in Winnipeg. Stream, download, share, enjoy!


Go now.  Far from these imaginary eyes, this waking dream.  Forget your things.  Forget the mountains and the sky and the trees that watch over tombstones and the bereaved.

There may be life in graveyards but that is not where you will be, when you leave.

Come now.  Closer to all that you love and desire.  Come into the fire.  Just let go of pain.  Forget frustrations, anxiety and tears, that carry the weight of memories and fears.

There may be life in graveyards but not where you’d think it would be, when you leave.

There will be laughter, not always but hereafter.

There will be adventurous days that could not happen any other way.

Stay now.  Here with everything that you know is true, here with the real you.  You know what to do: create today and tomorrow in your mind.  Only look forward and never behind.

There is life beyond graveyards, but the dying happens so naturally.

When you leave.

~ by lindseywhitemusic on June 17, 2014.

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