Oxygen Valve

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July 11-13, 2019

More than once, we let go of your hands… thinking you were gone. But then another gasp for air made its inhuman sound and for another moment, you were there. Or somewhere nearby. Watching us writhe with helplessness.

What could you have forgotten, or not been able to leave behind? Did you wonder if you’d lost your mind? Or was profound clarity unlocked for the very first time?

Your slow goodbye began long before and took so much time to find its way out of my heart, mouth and mind. But moments such as quieting the oxygen valve don’t fill me as they once did.

What had I forgotten, or not been able to leave behind? I didn’t lose my mind and so much clarity was found for the first time. My hands are alive; helpless no more.

The Hard Work of an Ordered House

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The work of an ordered house is more than dust on floors and in doorways.

It is freedom from anxieties through direct confrontation and imagination that what is will not always be.

It is allowing the rock-tumbling process of obstacles to challenge and shape, to change and reveal more and more of what is the same.

And sometimes, it is paying great attention in the opposite direction as the truest of intentions, so as to reveal which direction forward may be.


Great Power (and Amplified Intention)

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September 14, 2018

After drawing from such deep and worthy wells, re-evaluation begs in different languages. New tongues, not previously spoken but well understood by deep and valued sensation.

In translation, the context becomes quietly profound. But words lost and added inspire growth for the better, with resolution to cling ever tighter to the great power. More than ever.

With time (not only taken,
but savoured)
for the in-breath of
and the out-breath of

Carefully; with the utmost, amplified attention.

The Great, Slow Thaw

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April 22, 2018

There was ice and hard snow before any sign of melting.

And then more ice and pools of hope,

surrounded by softer and more fragile gatherings of white.

It’s not the cold that is infuriating as much as it’s unpredictable duration.

How much longer before how much change?

Movement is a necessity and not an option.

So banks and piles are measured not by weight but the rate of disappearance,

when all that is needed is the patience

to stay present and absorb what is

offered during the

great, slow


Playing One String

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When you’re flying blind

in the grind…

look up.

When Down is Up

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Pretty ceilings and cared-for floors,

seen by many, noticed by few.

What if trying harder to do better

means trying less, or fewer things?

And getting stronger means being

quicker to fall to your knees?

The worst might be, though,

having only control

over how to

focus on

floors or



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December 11, 2017

Out here, this leading edge

feels more like leaning.

Choosing greater balance on one side

while the other lacks meaning.

The big picture is still out there

but how long before

it magically shows up, as at first,

right at my door… ?

Lessons Only

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October 29, 2017

Falling, though it can be hard is only a mistake without progress.  Without change.  And between birth and decay, there are moments of all kinds.  There is breath and attention, every fall it’s own experience.

But power is located and unlocked in moments of all kinds.  On mountains and tightropes, in pools of misery when there is nowhere to fall or land.

And when you can breathe deeply and pay attention while skydiving from great heights, on the way down there are no mistakes.

Tomorrow In View

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There are more blooms between pruning, these days

and more chances to begin anew.

But I can’t help keeping an eye on the times

as they unfold and show themselves true.

There is ugliness to see that must not be believed

if moving forward is what we must do.

That is not to say that “now” is not “today”,

but to keep tomorrow in view.


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The rain broke it apart again.

First the gaps were tiny and then it seemed to dissolve from within before it was all gone.

And there was nothing to do but rebuild.

There were some valiant attempts, better construction with improvements; still the result is the same.

But now I understand that my homes, solid as they were, did not need to be built.  They were helpful and unnecessary.  An exercise in detachment that flew away with impermanent wings…

so what about those times when there’s nothing to do but rebuild?

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