Resting Places for Voices and Tongues

Resting PlacesApril 19/13

The voice of the dead can be heard in these trees.  The same trees that bow in the wind and break in a storm.  It doesn’t use words, but sings in flowing sap and light rustling and screams with the whipping and snapping of twigs.  It gasps and sighs with the breaking of bark.

It’s language consists of movement and longing.

The voices of the shamed can be heard in these walls.  The same walls that protect and defend, just by standing.  Just by existing.  It is said that their silence is considered golden.  Still they creak and moan predictably and relentlessly when pressure is applied ever so gently.  When the surrounding air moves with the passing of others.  With only minor force their silence returns.  Other than these moments, they patiently hold their tongue until it is time to collapse.  To crumble and fall.

Then, their language is broken and breaking.

The voice of new life can be heard in the ground.  The same earth that acts as a womb for seeds and feeds worms with decomposition.  It doesn’t shout, but whispers to sun beams and hums to moving water.  It has no need to protect or defend and longs for nothing.  It has not learned to shame or be shamed and it’s message has nothing to do with rectifying, adjusting or fixing the situation.

It’s language is change.  It’s message is now.

It’s mission is to ring, to sing,

to vibrate fully and fearlessly

until it is no more.

~ by lindseywhitemusic on April 24, 2013.

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