Little Feet (Little Feat)


January 17,  2017

A possible “jazzy” song…

Little feet, how could you know how you own heart beats, let alone how to grow?

Of course you would live like there’s not enough love for you to give.

You hurt someone because someone hurt you.  It’s so obvious that you’d feel like it’s the thing to do.  Of course you would live like pain is all that you have to give.

You were angry once but couldn’t let it out.  You took your time to think it through.

In time your pain finally broke your brain; in time it could rebuild again – it’s true (you can recover the real you, you’re still there somewhere).

Little feet, you pushed (and pushed) so hard to catch up to your own heart beat, while your dreams grew so far and so wide and so now, you’re better equipped to expand and allow (there is no catching up to do) somewhere; somehow.

You’re growing into who you are right now.

~ by lindseywhitemusic on January 19, 2017.

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