April 20 – May 20, 2016

Well hello.  Who are you?  I’ll take any distraction to avoid hearing the whole truth, when you lie (*intentional misspelling) in my bed at night.

I’m aware.  I know you’re there.  The language you’re speaking sounds only like sirens inside of my mind, but I’m your only audience.

And I have other things to do than be the only one listening to you.

So goodbye.  I won’t try to relearn all my lessons, earning the same degree twice.  Once will suffice, like I said in my valedictory address and besides…

The real me just wants to spend all my time speaking the language of “do, do, do, doo…”

This is what I do.

And I have other stuff I want to do, than be the only one listening, listening and listening…

Well hello.  Who are you?  I’ll take any inspiration and follow it endlessly to wherever you want me to.

And my eyes might have to cry.  But tears have such meaning and come from a place of just trying to live life.  And in time they will dry, while I do what I do.

~ by lindseywhitemusic on July 12, 2016.

One Response to “Valedictorian”

  1. ….yet another hit, my Dear…. very lovely

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