Make Your Own Rules (For the Young Music Makers)

Two summers ago, an artistic vision of mine materialized in the form of a program called “Play & Record”.  When I was learning how to make music, there were few opportunities for me to compose and develop new ideas with other young music makers.  So, along with the help of some wonderful people, I invented a free and creative environment for youth to explore these possibilities.

In August of 2013, Winnipeg’s young music makers were invited to The West End Cultural Centre to jam, form groups, attend workshops, express themselves creatively and record their own new music… in five days.  The result was a CD of three songs, presented at an event the following week and memories that would hopefully last a lifetime.  I wrote a blog containing some of my own reflections from this experience in my notebook, but it was never posted.  (*Until now… see below.)

This year, Play & Record took place for a second time from August 10-14, 2015.  I learned so much from our participants and from fellow artistic coach, Matt Epp.  And. remembering the blog, on the last day of the program I shared the final point with everyone: “make your own rules”.  One participant suggested I write a song about our program.  So I considered the then-unposted blog, it’s last point and all of the stuff I regularly endeavour to communicate in all of my music programs.  And a new song was born for Play & Record, which I shared as part of the “songwriters circle” portion of our wrap up event last Thursday eve.

Make Your Own Rules

. . .

I believe that making music can be a part of anyone’s life, throughout their life, any time they want it to.  And those of us who already know this to be our fate are also keenly aware of music’s powerful effect on our lives and that no moments spent in pursuit of it are wasted.

I believe that living a creative life means making something of our choosing with what life has offered us, to the best of our ability from day to day.  Finding and using our voice while letting ourselves be heard is an irrefutable and integral part of this work.  And we are capable of so much more than we know.

Thanks to those who support me in pursuing making art and helping others do the same as two of my major life goals.  It fills me with more purpose and meaning than can be expressed!  And it reminds me every day of our ability to make the world a better place, in all of the little ways that we have the chance.

For The Young Music Makers 20150822_150024

Play & Record 2013-2015

P&R CDs / poster

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