Renegade Release Tour: 2 days in Vancouver, 3 in AB

Hello friends,

I’m in the land of semi-reliable wifi and recharging with family in Alberta before heading to perform in Calgary this eve.  (Wine-Ohs at 8pm!)  What a lovely week and weekend it has been; I am full of gratitude and enjoying all of the good things coming my way.

We left off in Banff.  It was great to be there, but I couldn’t wait to get to Vancouver where there were so many more things waiting for me.

Such as… THE OCEAN!

20150611_16584420150611_16513020150611_164959 20150611_164558


I did Tai Chi in a lovely little shaded area of Stanley Park before putting my feet in the ocean and basking in it’s loveliness.


Here, I wrote a sequel to my previous writings from this spot, 7 years ago:


Third Beach II

June 10/15

The waves may change, but the rest stays the same.  Time cannot steal sand and stone.

And although the trees may have different leaves, not one of them is growing alone.

Warm sun on my skin, cold ocean on my clothes,

for the moment this place is my own… and it’s freedom like nothing I’ve known…

so healing for heart, blood and bone.

– – –

Before this, there was the Railway Club performance, where Angela Inglis delighted us with her gorgeous, heartfelt music before Mitch & I played some new Renegade songs for some absolutely fantastic people.  (Find her music HERE: You will love it.)  Friends of Mitch’s bought us an amazing dinner before the show and we had a couple of great breakfasts there as well.

I have found so many people responding with kindness in my general direction over the last couple of weeks, but Vancouver-ites (if that is the correct term) were particularly good to me.


20150610_212044 20150610_212040


Before THAT, there was the drive to Vancouver from Banff, which included a stop by a lagoon in Salmon Arm and other absolutely delicious scenery.


20150608_181847 20150608_164653 20150608_13511820150611_162543


Now that we’re caught up, I’ll tell you that driving away from Vancouver was equally as beautiful as driving there.  These mountains that exist in Canada are truly amazing things and I enjoyed their beauty all day.  (Twice!)  I savoured being surrounded by waterfalls, streams, lakes and rivers between huge towering rockies that seem immeasurably great.  There’s nothing like being there in person, really.

Since then, I’ve been enjoying some fresh Alberta air and time with sisters and nieces; listening to birds while catching up on work.

So looking forward to sharing music in Calgary this eve, which begins the long slow migration back to Winnipeg.  I’ll be meeting a new drummer friend on Wednesday who will join me for the show at The Artful Dodger in Regina, which is the LAST STOP on this leg of the Renegade release tour!

It has been an awesome time on the road, but I do miss my man and my garden.  And all the thinking time (read: driving time) has been so productive, but it’s time to put some new plans in action… possibly including spending some time at the beach this summer!  It’s only just begun and I want to enjoy it as fully as possible.  Hope you do too.

’til soon – thanks for listening, reading and helping to spread the word about this lovely album, book, release tour and artful life that I’m living.  Today is yours & mine, dear Renegades.

More to come…


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  1. Ahhhhh 🙂

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