Unearned and Deserved

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An urge to rewrite wrongs came on strong, like a tidal wave of distraction.

And words observed, but not really heard prompted overly frustrated reaction.

But the seeds of change began to germinate, sprouting leaves of still more learning;

generosity without reciprocity is kindness received, but not without earning.

Love cannot be so without fully letting go and opening wider to let in.

For only when in this state can we begin to offer a powerful response from within.

Though the past contains truth, it’s not the direction we move and not as real as it may seem.

There is only one way and it’s name is today: the gradual embrace of a dream.


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Jan. 28/17

If every unseen atom savoured each fraction of unnoticed seconds, it might have the potential to be measured.  But hours, days and weeks go by without consideration of progress.  Until suddenly it is that certain month when specific dates sound the alarm and alert, warn, demand enough attention that seconds become precious again.

Congratulations: you are alive today.

Wake up and work out your senses, feel deeply your moments; fully immerse heart, mind, body and soul in this bright light, this dark shadow.  Let the landmark of now consume and savour and break apart any remaining evidence of permanence, all trace of waste and every cause for amplification of anything other than celebration of here and now in space and time.

And let our progress be measured.


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Jan. 23/24, 2017

The time it takes to synthesize

can still pass right before your eyes.

But it doesn’t rush, it doesn’t cheat,

what it gives it gets, what it takes is sweet.

Little Feet (Little Feat)

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January 17,  2017

A possible “jazzy” song…

Little feet, how could you know how you own heart beats, let alone how to grow?

Of course you would live like there’s not enough love for you to give.

You hurt someone because someone hurt you.  It’s so obvious that you’d feel like it’s the thing to do.  Of course you would live like pain is all that you have to give.

You were angry once but couldn’t let it out.  You took your time to think it through.

In time your pain finally broke your brain; in time it could rebuild again – it’s true (you can recover the real you, you’re still there somewhere).

Little feet, you pushed (and pushed) so hard to catch up to your own heart beat, while your dreams grew so far and so wide and so now, you’re better equipped to expand and allow (there is no catching up to do) somewhere; somehow.

You’re growing into who you are right now.

(Looking for) Things to Grow

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January 4, 2017

In the great calm after devils are shaken away, there is space.

Enough space to evaluate speed and direction, and to focus with ease and precision.

And in the absence of ums and ahs, the light grows and grows, filling all surrounding space with increased perspective and understanding.

It is knowing the reasons and the timing after having rested and remembered.

It is standing strong on ground that doesn’t exist, most of the time and looking for things to grow.

It is believing and then seeing, which is not always popular or possible but often both.

And when intentions collide and things want to grow, oh my how they do.


A New Compass

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A New Compass

January 1, 2017

The mentality of opportunity has arrived with the potential of a new seed.  With just a little attention, it’s migration direction can shift at all angles.  Hard rights and curved lefts once overwhelmed by north winds now bring a somewhat gentler focus.  And fertile ground only becomes increasingly elusive with every passing moment; less potent with age.

Let us build a new compass.  One capable of navigating all directions including height, depth and saturation.  May our solar powered wind farms harvest as they guide.

I will open up the earth, turning soil and adding nutrients… continuing to ready all that is within for fresh life.  For maximum yield.  For new seeds that will die before they live again and old seeds easily germinating.  For planned preparations and unscheduled adjustments and all that opportunity brings.

RuBarb Summer Songwriting

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In August, 2016 I was given the opportunity to write 7 songs in 2 weeks with approximately 70 students at RuBarb School of Performing Arts’ Summer Camp in Moose Jaw, SK.  Included here are videos of our live performances and downloadable songs on a playlist you can stream and share!

My brief experiences working with RuBarb students in 2015 showed me how very musical they are, but I had no idea the depth and variety of their artistic talents and willingness to experiment.  Our song ideas took us all over the map and beyond into other galaxies, far far away.  Each song could easily have been a novel, movie or television series on it’s own.

We clapped, we sang, we played, we danced and more frequently, we voted.  Collaborative songwriting is so different than with only one individual artist and although we decided early on that there would be no rules behind our subject matter, it very quickly became a democracy to help us break down our infinite ideas into manageable melodies in the forms of verses, choruses and bridges.

We talked about how “creativity” is another word for “improvement” and the possibilities that arose from our collective creative inspirations improved and refined our ideas into songs over several days.  We discussed recording and live performance options, making some cool demos in the process.  Emotion, cooperation and courage were front and centre in our workshops during the final days when we were confronted with an end-of-week deadline.

I couldn’t be more impressed with how these participants willingly shared and respected each other’s ideas and opinions, sometimes “winning” the vote with their suggestion but also resigning to settle at times on other ideas that worked better in the moment (or just won more votes in the moment).  Dancers deliberated on choreography until satisfied while others learned new instruments on the fly and without very much individual instruction.  Some brought their own instruments from home or worked on recordings to help our process move along.  And one group excitedly expanded their idea to include a whole play, featuring narration, costumes, set design, props and other cues. (See the video for “Harry Potter & The Dragon Lord” in the above playlist!)

It was amazing to be a part of this process as a creativity/artistic coach; mostly because at times my main function was saying “yes, let’s do that” or to be the voting coordinator.  They took so much initiative to keep things rolling that at times I felt more like a guardrail than a catalyst for creativity.  We had so much fun together; I loved being a part of the musical exploration and also watching it unfold from the sidelines when momentum was strong enough for them to carry it on their own.  I also loved raising our voices together in a way that was exciting, harmonious and powerful!

Rubarb selfie

Participants: if you are reading this, you are all tremendous artists and I am so proud of what we made happen together.  Thank you for your courageous ambition, your patience when it was challenging and your willingness to try new things.  Included in the above video playlist is a song I wrote last year called “Make Your Own Rules” that I played for some of you in person and encompasses many of the “lessons” from our sessions. I hope you experienced joy and growth as a result of our time together, as I did.  I hope you will listen to the songs/videos, play/sing (lyrics & chords below) and share the great memories we made.  And I hope you’ll keep in touch any time!

Find me online at lindseywhite.com

Lyrics & chords from week 2: rubarb-songs-2016-week-2



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