Heads and Tails

The edge of this particular coin is filled with ridges.
They wear down fingertips with every turn and so it becomes a “survival of the calloused”.
We have traced our worry and our joy; felt the expansion of capacity and
contraction of space. Of freedom.
Our magnification and amplification are effortless but not weightless. And after
so many heavy breaths in so many slow-motion days, it’s no wonder that
gravity has become so inescapable.
The time to toss passed long ago but there is less and less need for tracing.
For escaping. Eyes have evolved to examine multiple angles with less movement.
Patient potential comes in “1-2-3s” and fewer skinned knees. There might even
be some ease in the release. In the weak and the without.
Maybe the courage unveiled in the saving will pay forth
dividends of inspiration, of healing
and of greater strength through

~ by lindseywhitemusic on January 1, 2021.

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