Old Hands

April 10, 2017

My hands felt old today. But just days ago they found reasons to reach for, grasp and play with new things with all the eagerness of a child. I felt unrestricted and carefree [despite obvious risk] and dared to consider that life may end later, rather than sooner.  So I busied my fingers with curiosity more than care, with making more than fixing and expression without consideration of it’s inconvenience.

That wasn’t the feeling of today;

it might be the tone of tomorrow.

First, the undoing of an old knot must include full breaths into collapsed lungs… bottom to top, top to bottom and inside out. Circulation into cold limbs; masks removed by expansion through the allowing of grief. Crumbling debris of defensive wounds, encumbered desire and obstructed energy must be handled with care or they won’t fall off.

But if they do there are such opportunities,

endless possibilities that any degree of renewal can bring.

~ by lindseywhitemusic on April 12, 2017.

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