Reflections On Becoming (and Being) a Strong Woman


Reflections On Becoming (and Being) a Strong Woman

(For women on International Women’s Day.)

It was a gradual acceptance of “my own” being as important as his or hers – desires, opinions, preferences and even fears.  An understanding of the responsibility of choice, honesty and amplification.  A realization that to be in my own skin is an incredible experience shared only with myself; only the deepest “I” knows what really goes on in there and gets to decide what happens outside. (And to the “out” side.)

It is a refreshing joy to learn more of more and more opportunity, connection, quality on the other side of letting go.  Of becoming real.  And to see in the way I wish to be seen provides opportunities for newness, growth and healing; paints us all out of our corners, advances us into creativity and takes back a certain collective power not previously yielded in the same way.  And when I can’t… I no longer waste time in the direction of opposing energy but learn to love myself again, to ask for what is needed and in doing so, celebrate

our strength.

~ by lindseywhitemusic on March 9, 2017.

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