Brick Walls 2

Part II of an almost-song called “Brick Walls”.  Part 1 is HERE

Brick Walls 2

August 20, 2016

(And then)

The vulnerability of it snuck up on me

Out in the open where anyone and everyone

I might see has the capacity

To misunderstand; to help or hinder me

And at night, with only the stars to guide

Life kept reminding me of the possibility

That I just might have all I need

And during the day, life is well – life is okay.

Even if at times it feels like war

I know I’m not alone anymore

My community of love and I know what we’re fighting for

Out in the open, in the day and at night

Fighting our way through the dark and the light

at every opportunity,

from within… as far as the eye can see

without walls…

with occasional stumbles…

and all we need.

~ by lindseywhitemusic on August 21, 2016.

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