Chalking it Up

Chalking it Up


Sept. 25/14

Calling it a gift implies there is a giver.

But referring to it as only skill also seems amiss.

Both fail to acknowledge the responsible initiative, the catalyst called choice which makes itself available but does not yell, scream, roar or otherwise demand attention.

Wherever it ends, it starts in the heart.  With a love and a light and a knowing, inside-out smile.  There is effort made in this direction, but no force.  In fact force, though presented as affirmative action or positive presence is actually resistance in disguise.

And pain is not passive,

nor is it aggressive.

(Nor is it allowing.)

Calling it a luxury is only valid in comparison.

Though the option is one not available to many.  Or maybe with sufficient acceptance and perspective, it is.  It might be.  It depends who you ask.

I want to test the limits and know.  To understand better, worse, less and more.  To cultivate awareness, acceptance, perspective and choose the gift, the skill, the incomprehensible experience of being


~ by lindseywhitemusic on December 8, 2014.

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