A really cool, almost ‘spiritual’ moment that happened during a random jam session in 2008 spawned this song.

It may never make it onto an album but… I love it.  It’s Creepin’.


Denier: you made yourself into a liar by preaching over and over and over again to the choir.

By absolution, inspired; you realized you never had been forgiven.

The truth never went away… half of it was in the way.  Never could fit anyway.

It’s creepin’.  It’s sneaking all around.  It’s crawling underneath.  It’s taking over.

Unyielding, it doesn’t deviate.  It won’t give up.  No, no matter what.

No matter what you wish, it is my command.

No matter what you would think, I would understand.  (I would understand.)

It’s creepin’.  It’s creeping all through everything.

This instant.  Believe it.


~ by lindseywhitemusic on April 1, 2014.

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