Heart Strike

This new song made it’s debut at the Winnipeg Jazz Festival earlier this month.

Here’s a video of that performance, along with a little introduction containing some history and background of where this tune came from.

Heart Strike 1

Heart Strike 2January & on, 2013

Through silence a sound did pierce, signifying something fierce hid right where I had been.

I was headed straight at first, then suddenly in little bursts the world began to spin.

And when it slowed down again time kept me moving on… to why this strike?  And why must I now be asking, “why this strike against my heart?”

After taking time to rest I started looking for the best and worst case scenarios.

What will be left to say or do when it has finished passing through?  Whatever comes it must be true.

Communicating as a bird, filled with sound but no word; I knew this vibration.

But it’s never just what you know but how much you go with the flow and whether you can handle going slow

Can you wait, can you stop, can you slow down;

enough to let yourself be knocked around?

Inhale deeply without holding your breath now?

And are you sure you can let it out again?

Heart strike, it’s such a hot knife, cutting through the heart of love and life.

Heart strike, the sound of raw strife, cutting through.

Heart strike, straight down from first bite, down to the root.

Heart strike, freeze up, fight or flight, it will find you.

It will find the truth.

~ by lindseywhitemusic on June 27, 2013.

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