The Truth Business

The Truth BusinessApril, 2009

Some very important life lessons I first came across while on tour with my band that year… some are still being learned and relearned every day.


· Do not skip over any details in order to change the appearance of anything.
· Identify & acknowledge opportunities for growth, no matter how they feel.
· ‘Lose it’ honestly, rather than ‘put it somewhere’ professionally.
· Don’t waste time accepting circumstances, forgiving failures and forgetting fear.
· Embrace the unknown reality. Some of it is your business. Some of it is not.
· Never fear that which cannot be changed.
· Never hope based on the outcome of a situation.
· Who you are & who everyone else wants you to be are two very different people. Listen to the right voices & tune out the rest.
· Take full responsibility over that which you are responsible.
· Quickly forget about trying to fix that which is out of your control. It is draining, impossible and a terrible waste of energy.
· Follow your internal compass: it points toward love & grace and away from fear & guilt.
· When you know exactly what you’re running for… RUN HARD!
· When you don’t… rest well… and remember.
· Be an open book when you speak; have an open mind & heart when you listen.
· The world is yours for the taking. Live & play confidently, like you own the place.
· Tell the truth. You are the prophet of your own future. What you say goes, whether out loud or not. (Remember this in conversation with yourself.)
· Never trade your peace of mind for anything. Deal with unfinished business as it comes and STAY FOCUSED. It’s the only way to be the real you.
· The truth is on your side.
· The truth is your greatest weapon.
· The truth is your freedom.

However improbable or unlikely, ALL things really ARE possible…
And (the best part is that) you believe it.

And you believe it.

~ by lindseywhitemusic on March 30, 2013.

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