Renegade Project Update 2013

Hi there,

If you’re reading this, you probably have some interest in The Renegade Project… and maybe even some investment.  (If you don’t know what The Renegade Project is, here’s the 1 minute explanation:

Alasdair, Mitch & Joe

Alasdair, Mitch & Joe

I’m writing to provide an update on an album that has been in progress for almost 5 years now.  (Yes, you read that correctly.)  My band & I have been working on it since 2008 and there are many reasons why it is still not done.  But before I get into that, here’s where we’re at:

Songs in progress: Bugs & Monster (both nearly completed), My Best Shot, The Let Me Be Song, Asylum, The Third Degree, Stronger, Unwell, and Renegade

Songs that may be added: Home, Advice, Not Sorry, Headingley and a new one called Scapegoat Hissy Fit (there are other possibilities as well).

A song called Equinox was the first to be recorded in 2008/2009 and was initially pushed along because it was to be used for a movie that was being filmed in Winnipeg called “Clear Lake”.

Most recently, I’ve been tracking some vocals for “My Best Shot” and finding that I don’t sing this song in the studio the same way I do live.  So I’m doing a little digging, reacquainting myself with this melody I’ve been singing for so long and finding my voice inside it all over again.  Which, by the way, is pretty much what has needed to happen with the entire album.

You see, I was a different person when we started this thing… and that has been reflected in nearly every aspect of the recording process.  Maybe it would be different if I were singing “hay sexy layday” as in Gangnam Style or about “swag, swag, swag” like Justin Bieber.  Instead, these songs of mine have come from a different place.  Somewhere far beneath the surface, way down deep in my core.  Art like this always begs for explanation and defies it at the same time, so I don’t really know how to put into words what has been happening.  But if you’re curious, I’ll give you some details and then you can listen to the songs for yourself and see what kind of understanding you arrive at.

Here’s a recap of what’s been happening in the last 5 years:

– In 2010 I quit my full time “day job” to pursue a life unknown as a struggling musician.  After doing several part time “side jobs” to keep things running (including temporary office work, child care positions and even one school year as a high school Career Advisor), I’m now making music on a full time basis for the first time ever!  This is really exciting and was made possible by a new musical endeavour as the violin & accordion player at a local German restaurant, as well as a number of youth music programs I’ve been grateful to be a part of.

– I just moved for the 4th time since this project began; and am now living in a great home that is entirely stable and healthy.  Two of my band members have also recently moved this year and seem to be in similarly positive environments.

– After years of becoming increasingly unhealthy, I’ve managed to recover from a back disability and a ton of other health issues.  My body has been changing as it has been discovering how to be healthy and STAY healthy… and what that even means.  It has taken a lot more time and energy than I ever expected, but it has been totally worth it!

– The aforementioned disability was brought on by a number of things: primarily car accidents and stress.  Both of which surrounded the most difficult time in my life when I watched my Dad suffer and pass away after a long and difficult battle with cancer.  Last year, I watched another friend face a similar end to a similar battle and found it affected me… well, similarly.

– The loss of my Dad brought on tremendous change in my life.  It would take too long to explain (as I’ve tried to in other blogs), but resulted in a new willingness to face reality as it is, an ability to find truth in the craziest places, inspiration to write about the dark side of life and a ridiculous amount of emotional healing.  Surrounding all of this was the introduction of real love into my life when Keith & I joined forces.  (I was going to write ‘became a couple’ but that doesn’t really describe it very well at all.)  Anyway, it also meant taking a break from the recording process altogether while I figured out how to put my life back together.

– Healing has made me increasingly sensitive and incredibly willing to be generous with my time, talents and energy.  At times, this generosity has backfired and I’ve had a number of repercussions to deal with while setting new boundaries and learning how to keep moving in positive directions.  But these challenges are positive ones that are infinitely better than the negative ones I spent most of my life wrestling with.

Ok, so there’s some stuff.  Does it really describe what’s been going on or why this thing is taking so long?  Not really.  But maybe it gives you an idea of why I believe this is happening at the right time and for good reason.  If we’d had the time, energy, resources etc. to hurry up and finish this album back in 2008 or 2010 (when we started up again), it would have been recorded by a different person, included different songs, and ended up sounding completely… well, different.  And that might not have been such a bad thing, but it has been really difficult at times when all I’ve wanted was to get it done and get out on the road touring.  Still, I keep writing, growing, healing, changing; and  believing in this project.  I believe this album is destined for great things.  And apparently, so does my band because they keep working on it with me, despite the process seeming to take FOREVER to complete.

Earlier this winter, I considered postponing the Renegade Project until the album was closer to completion… But Mitch, Alasdair & Joe have been so willing to book studio time around their already busy schedules; and this shows me they still believe in what we’re doing as much as I do.

So if you do as well, feel free to tell your friends about what we’re doing by sharing the poster, project page, or videos.  I’ve just posted the latest update here:

Project videos:

(Short version:

Long story:

In the mean time, the guys & I will keep plugging away at recording and creating new arrangements for tunes we’ve been playing for years.  And when it’s done, I promise it’ll sound like nothing any of us have ever heard before!  I’m so looking forward to it and hope you are too.

Stay tuned for more in 2013…

’til then – thanks for listening.


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