April 3/12

The floor is not the worst place to be; certainly not the lowest.

It is hard.

But it is level.

It is calm.

And it is protective in a way that my heart certainly isn’t.

It’s soft consistency would let anything that professed good intention through, which is why I can’t always let it decide for itself.

Some are too young to realize the implications of their actions,

to old to dismiss bitterness (or forget) for good reason,

too small to see what lays outside their line of vision,

or… too big to remember what lies beneath.

But my friend, the floor, remains the same: ever unforgiving, ever supportive and ever capable of carrying the weight of reality on it’s strong back.

The weight of my reality.

Of my strength and excess baggage,

as they leak out all over the floor.

~ by lindseywhitemusic on May 7, 2012.

3 Responses to “Floor”

  1. That was really poignant Lindsey! And you wrote it the day of my 30th birthday.

  2. […] Floor […]

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