The lyrics for “Bugs” were inspired by a dream I had that took place in the back yard of the house where I grew up.  In this dream I was transfixed by a pile of garbage that sat by the fence across the yard, and I kept running over to it in effort to clean it up, tripping over these massive bugs along the way that were slowly rising out of the ground.  However, every time I arrived at my destination I realized that the festering mess (which also contained bugs) required more tools and supplies than I was equipped with.  I became frustrated at my own inability to clean it up and ran back to the driveway; once again tripping over the ever-growing lawn bugs.  This cycled a few times before I asked out loud (in the dream) “how is this ever going to get cleaned up?”  A voice from beyond (don’t ask me where) replied “it’s not time yet.  You’ve got to leave them alone.”  Then I woke up.

Whether physical, mental, emotional or spiritual… we all have bugs.  The lesson that my therapist and I decided to derive from this dream is that some messes are not meant to be cleaned up right away, and certainly not by me.  This song was written as a sort of “plea” to those I love; to evaluate those icky stinky messes that are causing pain and discomfort in their lives without blame (for self or other).  And it is also a reminder to myself to do the same.  (OK, mostly to myself.)




They just don’t stay buried… not for long at all.

They wiggle their legs and bodies and crawl

up through the ground to the top

but when their hard heavy shells break through the surface they stop.

They just stop.

They won’t die on their own… not if they’re just left alone.

These parasites are not what they seem.  They’ve got you believing a dream.

And I watch it unfolding… I watch helplessly.

As you struggle, and beg and wait to be free.

As you bleed and you blame everyone else and yourself and me.

Can’t you see?  (or don’t you know)

They won’t die on their own… not if they’re just left alone.

These parasites are not what they seem.  They’ve got you living inside of a dream.

My patience is wearing thin & I’d clean up this mess you’re in

if I only knew where to begin…

but I’ve got to leave it alone, ’cause I’ve got bugs of my own

and they’re crawling in and out of my skin…

They won’t die on their own… not if they’re just left alone.

No, they won’t die on their own… no, no,

You can hate what you can’t own… but nothing changes if you just leave the bugs alone,

They won’t die, they won’t die, no they won’t die,

not if you leave the bugs alone


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~ by lindseywhitemusic on March 18, 2012.

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