Healing Comes

October 1, 2010

Today, healing comes in the form of “doing”.  Of rising and arming myself and marching out the door.  And listening and confessing with brutal clarity.  Of locking myself in with my demons; and copying and pasting and writing them out in chronological order.  Today, healing is radical honesty at it’s finest; as invigorating as it is taxing, but well worth it’s weight in gold.  It isn’t easily understood or accepted by everyone, but that doesn’t matter because I am not doing it for them.

I didn’t know it would happen this way, but I am glad that it did.  It has come with many little visits with very good friends, as well as the constant support of real love… all reminding me of the same thing: I am allowed to have what I need.  No matter what it is, or howlong it takes or how deserving I may or may not be, I can have what I need if I am brave enough to acknowledge and pursue it; with enough tenacity to see it through without stopping half way.  It sounds simple enough, so why is it so difficult to remember?  What is it about necessities that causes us to treat them like options?  Do we really believe it is selfish to want or have what we need to heal?

(Do we honestly think if we ignore it for long enough, it will just “go away”??)

Healing demands many things: time, time and more time spent focusing on the same thing from many different perspectives.  One thing is for certain.  Regardless of how long it takes or how unconventional it may seem… it comes.  If you can be honest with yourself long enough to do whatever is required, it comes.  (Naturally, even!)  And it will keep on coming until it’s too late.

~ by lindseywhitemusic on February 27, 2012.

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