Advice (Living Proof)

I once had a dream that I was in a great hall with multitudes of people and a grand piano… and had only one more song to play before my life was over.

I sat at the piano, pouring through song after song, sorting haphazardly through music and charts, looking for something but not knowing what it was.

There were musicians to my left, comprising a small orchestra / half rock band, who informed me that they could not wait for me to make up my mind any longer and started without me.  The instant they began, I knew what to play.

Soon, I was rocking back and forth while playing, digging into the keys and singing at the top of my lungs… the chorus of this song.  Amazingly enough, I still remembered it when I woke up – enough to write it down, but wasn’t sure if it was ever to be finished.

I later combined it with two previous ideas – one called “Advice” and another called “Living Proof” from 2008 and 2009.  The first person I shared it with was my friend BJ, shortly before he died.  He had just finished writing some similarly striking lyrics that inspired me to finish this song.

BJ’s words ring true: “sing while you can, sing while you can, sing until you love yourself and then you’ll understand.”

I’ll do my best, BJ… I will.

More Advice


~ by lindseywhitemusic on February 11, 2012.

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