The Great Calm

June 20 & 25/2011

A great storm is coming and I am oddly peaceful.

Precariously following a narrow path, I am oddly balanced.

It feels like being pulled in two opposite directions, but at this point neither side is winning and I am stretching… though intact.  When one arm tires of holding on, they trade places (and vice versa).  And as I continue reaching, grasping, stretching and letting go, I’m slowly moving ahead; making my way across a great chasm by way of a tight rope.

My neck turns this way and that in order to focus and re-focus on where I’m going, but I am taking it all in and I know exactly how far I could fall if I wanted to.

The joy is everywhere up here;

I’m taking it all with me.

Patiently crossing over the only safe way,

I am greatly calm.


~ by lindseywhitemusic on July 13, 2011.

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