In Search of the “Next Right Thing”

May 23/11

I can be in all the denial I want, but my neck knows it’s coming.  It reminds me that it’s coming; it hasn’t forgotten and neither have I.

I keep wondering what to “do” about it… but what can I do, really?  The feeling of helpless vulnerability is one I’ve never easily embraced and learning how is taking it’s toll on my soul.

But today I was reminded that it’s worth it, and that I am not helpless.  Today I was reminded that I can be kind and that kindness wields extreme power in the right hands.

And so I ask my soul what is needed at every opportunity, but am often confused by the response I get.  In those cases, I think kindness is grace.  Though seeing with total clarity would be my first choice, if I can’t do that right now there’s probably a reason for that… so what’s my second choice?

The possibilities are endless, but there is only ever 1 “next right thing to do.”


~ by lindseywhitemusic on June 5, 2011.

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