Enough Becoming

April 27/11

It’s 10:45pm and I am waking up.  I’m not entirely sure how it is happening – only that it is.  I am not outside of myself anymore but grow increasingly comfortable in my own skin with each passing day…

It’s just like every other drive home at night, except that I am present now.  I am here now, in this moment and exist not to correct it but to BE in it.  To live and breathe and move inside it as best I can; while learning how to in the process.

It’s backwards and forwards and inside-out and doesn’t make much sense, but here I am.

Doing it anyway.

Opening my eyes to all that is abnormal and uncommon… while turning my back on yesterday, and five minutes ago, and all that the rest of the world would have me be.

It’s 11:04pm and I am all that I need to be.

(With all of my unanswered questions, unsolved mysteries and unresolved difficulties.)

Could it be that this is “enough”…



~ by lindseywhitemusic on May 2, 2011.

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