Severed Connections

April 7/11

Fear doesn’t end when it doesn’t come true.  You’d think it would, but what happens instead is the exact opposite.  Spreading like a crack in cement (or ice in some cases) it first draws apart and then runs deep.  How deep it goes and how long it lasts seem to depend on a number of other things, but without doing something to first stop it and then seal it, there’s no telling how far or how deep it will go.

At times it can be difficult to discern, or rather to decide what to do with this… this partial amputation.  Some things are meant to be cut off, even for a time; and other severed connections never properly heal.

Does it even make sense to fight against what is happening naturally?

Sometimes it does.


but not now.

Now I must accept what is happening, while grieving what feels like a lost part of myself… and hope with all my might that love’s power is really stronger than that of fear.

In fact, I’m sure it is.


~ by lindseywhitemusic on April 29, 2011.

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