The Oracle

April 5/11

He was old and feisty in equal parts, once upon a time.  Now all that I see is old.  The feist in him is overshadowed by a certain cruel frailty that I remember all too well.  I’ve seen it before, manifested on the faces of the dying; not only the elderly.  Until now, a voice inside of me has always cried out in protest – screaming that I will NEVER be that frail.  Maybe promising myself that I won’t allow such a tragedy to ever show up on my doorstep.  Surely I am strong enough to prevent it.

… Aren’t I?

He hasn’t become any less creepy, that’s for sure.  But for some reason I can’t help but see far past that now.  I connect first with the frailty and THEN with all that lies beneath.  I am attracted to it and repelled by it equally, but find myself unable to LOOK AWAY; unable or unwilling to disrespect his gaze.  (I can’t tell which it is.)  Perhaps it is because this frailty I once so feared now presents itself as a sort of omen – a sure sign of things to come in both his life and mine, as well as a connecting thread which, once broken, may never again append.

He looks through me with understanding eyes.  Eyes that are in agreement with my assessment of the situation, except without a trace of fear.  “True” they say, “this may well be our last encounter – our final connection…”

“now let’s dance!”


~ by lindseywhitemusic on April 25, 2011.

2 Responses to “The Oracle”

  1. I thouroughly enjoyed this writing. I was right with you the whole way. It seems as though I’ve met/encountered people and situations like that as well where I at first misjudged the person’s eyes as creepy but as I gazed into them longer I saw something more and was surprised at the new direction my knowledge had taken me. Great stuff. Awesome show, great job!


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