Skins of Reason

March 31/11

It’s worth it if it’s worth it… and it always is.  There are no exceptions.  Only excuses, that’s all.  But good ones.

Mine seem to center around “it’s too hard”, although I know that it isn’t.

If it were, I would have given up a LONG time ago, instead of resigning myself to the kind of life I know I will live.


All it takes is one good explanation inside the right conversation and I remember instantly.  I know what I must do, what I will do and my own strength like the back of my hand.

I know who I am!

And I suddenly see the strength of my past meshed with the vision of my future, unveiled as reality in THIS present moment.

Aaah, yes – it is difficult, I know.

That’s right… SO WHAT?


How long must it take for me to take my own advice?

How much precious time could I waste?


~ by lindseywhitemusic on April 14, 2011.

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