Without a Stitch

(January 19, 2011)

I’m not used to being able to predict the future, and so my heart has a hard time trusting itself when encountering new possibilities not yet imagined.

But the future is REAL – I know it is!  I know what it looks like and the image I have is growing clearer every day…

Soon, I will be able to embrace it completely:

without a stitch of doubt,

without a stitch of anxiety,

without a stitch of fear altogether.

It will be a beautiful thing worth waiting for, I know.  But at times I must remind myself to be patient while it is happening and allow myself to JUST BE.

Just be ME!

And one day I will stand, confidently healthy, and accept the sickness around me

without a stitch of infection

while continuing to heal, and predict, and change.


~ by lindseywhitemusic on March 22, 2011.

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