I love my job.

Hi friends and followers,

Welcome to my official blog site!  For someone who writes as much as I do, it’s hard to believe it has taken me this long to find a home for my words.  They’ve ended up on a lot of other websites, but wordpress seems to be the right place to focus my efforts and delve more deeply into things that may not quite fit elsewhere.  (More to come… )

Much has been changing in my world lately & I thought I’d kick off this new blog of mine by giving you a brief update on the work I’ve been doing, both musically and otherwise.

I’ve been talking about having a new album on the way for years now, but the timing just wasn’t right (for many reasons) and I felt unable to record, tour, or properly promote any new project.  However, things have changed and it is time to move forward.  I’m finally feeling ready to make the “Renegade” album a reality!  The guys and I are now talking about making a concentrated effort to lay down the old and new songs I’ve written over the last 3 years – with the intent to share them with the WORLD!  (One step at a time.)

More details will soon be released on how YOU can be a part of the project, as well as some cool, unique incentives we’ve thought up to give away to our partners.  There will also be more live shows, blog posts, free music downloads, studio updates, release details, tour plans and eventual world domination… when the time is right, of course.  🙂

In the mean time, we have our livelihood and families to support.  And so (as every pro musician knows) there is always the need to think outside of the “recording/touring” box and find new, innovative ways to use our time and talent to support our passion.

In the past, I’ve worked as an accompanist, performance coach, studio musician and… office clerk?  Yep – that’s right!  I’ve also taught piano to students of all ages, played “tinkly” background music at many gatherings/business affairs and learned a ton of specific material for weddings, funerals, birthday events, socials etc.  I had a great time singing with vocal jazz group “Mindset” (formerly “Jazz @8”) for many years and although I’ve never had a voice lesson, I’d love to work with young singers to develop their performance technique, vocal blend and style.

I have recently begun investing more of my time and energy in working with young people.  Specifically, I’ve really enjoyed engaging their interest in experiencing music individually.  On Mondays I work at an awesome drop-in centre in Winnipeg’s inner-city called “Rossbrook House”, spending time with the youth who hang out there on a regular basis.  It’s a unique environment that often functions as a “musical playground” where kids can learn virtually any song on almost any instrument… and it would have totally blown my mind wide open if it were accessible when I was young!

Although my band and I have shared a great portion of our time on stage and in the studio, we have also brought our talents to high schools in Alberta and Manitoba in the form of songwriting workshops, music presentations and clinics.  My drummer, Mitch Dorge has spent several years touring Canada with his “Responsible Choices” presentation and has invited my bass player and I to join him on a number of occasions.

I’ve really enjoyed these experiences and would love to explore other ways to use my time and abilities to benefit even more young people.  So… lately I’ve been trying to get the word out that I am available for a variety of different opportunities.

I’ve been contacting schools, summer camps, day care programs and other drop-in centers to see where else my experience may be of use.  (I’m also trying to stay on top of which friends of mine are getting married, in case they would like some unique music for their special day!)

I could really use your help in spreading the word about this new “career expansion”.  If you or someone you know has a need for musical assistance, or know of some young people who may be interested in what I do, please drop me a line!  Or, if you would just like to stay in touch, receive regular updates about the new album and follow where this career of mine is going, head over to my official website and grab some free music in exchange for your email address on my mailing list.  I’ll be glad to keep you in the loop about any future plans as they develop.

That’s it for now!  Hope that all makes sense and that you know how much I appreciate you taking time to read this.  YOU ROCK.

’til next time,




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